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The sheets

to fold like paper

on s emballe rouleau cadeau

Gift wrap sheets can be used just like paper. They can be folded and taped just like paper.

They don't cut, and there's no need to use tape because reusable stickers come with each wrapping.

Thanks to the cotton material, the sheets are tear-proof, easy to iron and very easy to use.

You can try out different folds, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, and why not try your hand at origami!

3 sheet sizes

Size S

The small sheet is ideal for packaging small boxes such as :

> a perfume

> a pocket book

> a little game

> a box of chocolate...

Size M

The medium-sized gift wrap sheet will easily wrap your gifts such as :

> a game box

> one or more novels

> a perfume box

> a hi-tech device...

Size L

The large gift sheet is perfect for wrapping large gifts such as :

> game boxes

> a shoebox

> a large box

> one or more large books...

The gift pouches


3 pochettes cadeaux différentes couleurs

Gift wrapping pouches make it easy to create the most beautiful gifts in the least amount of time. They're really easy to use: just slip the gift into the pouch of your choice, close the flap and stick on the (reusable) sticker provided... it couldn't be simpler!

Thanks to their cotton fabric, the pouches are tear-proof, iron-proof and very easy to use.

Absolutely perfect for wrapping textiles, they'll also fit all your gifts that don't have a regular shape. As for book fans, they'll be delighted!

3 pouch sizes

Size S

The small pouch is ideal for packing your little treasures such as :

> a perfume

> a pocket book

> a small piece of jewellery

> a pair of gloves or socks

> several make-up products

> small leather goods...

Size M

The medium-sized pouch will easily wrap your gifts such as :

> a small game box

> a novel

> one or more comic books

> clothes

> a product composition...

Size L

The large gift pouch is perfect for packaging large gifts such as :

> large items of clothing

> an assortment of products

> a vinyl

> a large book….

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