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On s'emballe à la française has created a whole range of accessories to extend the life of your reusable gift packaging.

You'll be able to find extra stickers - you know, the reusable stickers that replace scotch tape and close gift packs.

We've also developed bows, sustainable alternatives to Bolduc, to dress up your gift wrap beautifully. They can be used to customise packaging and create variety.

Eco-designed accessories

Using our production off-cuts, we've designed decorative garlands, soap bags and zero-waste accessories for everyday use.

Each of these items recycles part of the textile left over from our production. This enables our company to take a resolutely anti-wasteful approach, reducing raw material losses to a minimum. These strict constraints mean that we can produce original, unique designs that are regularly renewed.

Our aim is to create practical accessories that make life easier and more beautiful.

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