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Gift Pouch

How to replace the wrapping paper?

You with a conscience ecological and you refuse to use single-use products? Congratulations, here you are in a process zero waste, ready to fight against waste. But offer a gift without packaging, it's not very pretty and it breaks the charm of the gift a bit, don't you think?

So off you go looking for an eco-friendly gift wrap, to no longer use gift wrap disposable, to reduce the amount of your waste. You've tried salvaged wrapping paper: old newspapers, but it's not quite as stylish as it looks on Instagram. Kraft paper is not really an alternative because it is always single use. And buying paper with the aim of tearing it up and throwing it away is nonsense, we agree! 

Looking for a more eco-responsible solution, you may have discovered the Japanese art of fabric gift wrapping. But, on a daily basis, gift-wrapping gives you headaches, so furoshiki gives you cold sweats just thinking about all those fancy foldings.

You are looking for a simpler and more efficient way to pack without waste. It is from this observation that the reusable gift bag ofWe get carried away in the French way. It is an easy-to-use product, which does not require any special training to use it and which perfectly replaces the disposable gift wrap roller. In addition, the pockets are pretty, sewn in France in fabrics with acid colors. Your gifts, wrapped in our cotton fabric pouches, will not go unnoticed.

How to use the reusable gift bag?

In all cases, gift bags are used to wrap gifts. Logical, right? However, you have two options.

By offering it in addition to the gift

You can decide that your fabric pouch is part of the lot to be offered and send it with your present. In this case, it is useful to slip, with your package, the pretty travel diary delivered with it to explain the ecological approach of reusable packaging and its interest. You will then encourage a new person to change their habits to turn to a packaging method that is more respectful of the environment. And as you already provide her with all the necessary equipment, she will have no trouble perpetuating the use and travel of this pouch.

By keeping it preciously to reuse it

You can also decide to recover your packaging once the gift has been offered to reuse it next time. A bit like a pie dish that you collect at the end of an evening before returning home.

How to close a gift bag?

At the house ofWe get carried away in the French way, we thought of everything! To change your packaging habits without the fuss, all our products are delivered as a kit with a maintenance booklet and a sheet of reusable stickers. Packing with a coated cotton fabric pouch becomes child's play. You slip your gifts into the pocket of the right size and all you have to do is close it with a small sticker and a gift tag. When you offer the pouch with the gift, consider inserting the travel diary with the remaining stickers. You will then transmit the procedure for the pouch to be easily reused.

For what occasion can we offer a gift bag?

Many gifts are given throughout the year. So it's true; the Christmas period is particularly conducive to gifts, especially under the tree on New Year's Eve. But Christmas does not have a monopoly on gifts! We may need a gift bag at any time:

  • to a birthday party or a baptism, it is unthinkable to go there empty-handed,

  • to a dinner, a little attention for your host is always welcome,

  • during a marriage, thank the lovers for inviting you to the ceremony,

  • for theValentine's Day: give your half a bit of your ecological convictions through this zero waste packaging,

  • and sometimes even there isno need for a special occasion to offer a gift and have the pleasure of giving.


In any case, you will need a beautiful packaging that will sublimate your present. So,  for gift wrap, it's time to switch to the sustainable version by adopting the reusable gift bag. Choose from our collection of packaging and enjoy delivery directly to your home. The pockets are sent directly to your mailbox in letter followed or in eco fold. Practical, right? You won't even need to leave your home to be a little greener!

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