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A real alternative to gift wrap, it puts an end to the rubbish bags full of crumpled paper that spoil our festive season.


That's how On s'emballe à la française was born, with a single objective: to create reusable, durable gift packaging that's both elegant and colourful. 


Because it makes no ecological sense to buy gift wrap only to tear it up and throw it away the first time you use it, sustainable packaging is the obvious choice. Our fabric range appeals to folding enthusiasts and novices alike, so you can give pleasure and continue to arouse the desire to discover your gifts.


The meeting of 2 people with a passion for design has led to the development of a brand that's both strong and quirky, giving packaging a new lease of life by creating a story for it.

Fabric for gift wrapping

Dare to use fabric to create beautiful gift packs. 100% French packaging with chic, cheerful prints.

This fabric folds like paper and can be stored, reused, creased and even machine-washed if required.

The sizes are designed and adapted to all your gifts, so you'll always get the perfect package - no scissors, no tape, no waste!

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Original prints

Des imprimés uniques, des coloris élégants et joyeux qui accompagnent toutes les occasions : Noël, anniversaires, fêtes de famille, petites attentions et grands cadeaux… 

Aussi jolis en hiver qu’en été, ils conviennent à toutes les générations, aux hommes comme aux femmes. 

Comme une invitation au voyage, ils portent les noms de belles villes françaises. On rappelle ainsi que le coton est tissé en France et que l’impression aussi est locale.

Find out more about the patterns On s'emballe à la française

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Durable and modular

Handy and strong, the cotton sheets fold like paper, and the pouches are simple to use with a guaranteed whaou effect! You don't need to learn any techniques, and they're very fluide to use.

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A story of transmission

On s'emballe à la française is more than just packaging:

Reuse gift wrapping as often as you like or give it as a gift. The reusable stickers, supplied with each wrapping, make reuse easy and long-lasting. The travel diary encourages new owners to pack green too.

Each package has its own story and a travel diary, a real bonus for following its journey from family to family, town to town. It keeps track of the number of times it's been used, and encourages people to reuse it and pass it on... so that reuse is fun, easy and a real incentive!

The passport

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Did you say French?

Everything in a short circuit: 100% French production of weaving, printing and garments

A social commitment, thanks to partnerships on a human scale with

1 SCOP et 1 ESAT.

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