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Gift Sheets

To offer a nice gift, you necessarily need a beautiful packaging, here are the gift wrap sheets environmentally friendly. Designed in coated cotton fabric with the Oeko Tex label, the packing squares will allow you to make beautiful gift packages while being eco-friendly. Your wrapping squares can be part of the package and offered with the gift. In this case, consider slipping the travel diary and the reusable sticker sheet into the package. You then encourage your loved ones to use it too and to be a little more zero waste. You can also decide to collect your square of fabric once the party is over. A bit like a pie dish, which we rarely offer with the pie we brought for the birthday party.

How to wrap your gifts in an ecological way?

When you think about it, buying a roll of wrapping paper, no matter how beautiful, only to tear it up and put it in the trash after one use is a huge waste. Fortunately, today there are solutions to continue to offer attractive packages while being greener, and moving towards zero waste.

You can get started with the Japanese fabric folding technique of Furoshiki. But it requires a certain dexterity, and getting started is not always easy.

So at On s'emballe à la française, we have developed a sheet of gift "paper" in coated fabric. Coated cotton is easier to fold than regular cotton Furoshiki. This square of packaging is then much easier to handle. Wrapping a gift box is no more complicated with a reusable wrapping square than with a disposable sheet of paper. The gestures are the same: once you have folded your square of fabric, you use repositionable stickers to close your package as you would with classic adhesive tape. Follow our video tutorials to get an idea of how easy it is to use.

How to make a nice gift wrap?

You don't need to master a fancy technique to wrap a package with a square of coated cotton fabric. However, a few tips can be very useful: it is important to choose packaging with the right dimensions for the product to be packaged. This is why at On s'emballe à la française, we have provided reusable gift wrapping sheets in several sizes. 3 sizes that allow you to wrap all your gifts easily and in an original way.

  • A small format for a paperback, or a perfume,

  • A medium size for a board game,

  • And an extra large dimension for a large puzzle.

For what occasion can reusable gift wrapping be used?

The sustainable gift wrap collection was designed to serve any occasion. Therefore, exit the Christmas patterns that are only used once a year. The gift wrapping sheets at On s'emballe à la française are created in timeless designs, from bright colors to the sweet names of pretty French towns. Discover Hendaye, Vincennes, Arras and Nice, places that make you want sunshine and offer happiness!

Our patterns accompany you: 

  • at a birthday party, 

  • to declare your love on Valentine's Day, 

  • to wrap the wedding gift, 

  • at your first baby's baptism celebration, 

  • and even under the tree, during the Christmas holidays.


Discover without delay our solution to create a chic and sustainable gift packaging, in zero waste, zero waste mode. Also remember that our products are entirely made in France: from the design to the weaving of the cotton. Because buying local products, made in France, is also a more responsible way of consuming. 

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