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Our history

An eco-committed brand

100% French production, workshops on a human scale, products that can be reused more than 100 times, a passport that encourages reuse, that's all that On s'emballe à la française, but not only! If the gift packaging is eco-responsible, the brand is also committed. We tell you more!


Upcycled products 

To limit our impact and produce the minimum of waste, we have chosen to reuse fabric scraps from our productions to create glamorous accessories for the holidays. 
This is how pretty knots were born! 
To dress up the most beautiful gift packages, they can be attached and reattached to the packaging indefinitely. All you have to do is choose your print!
Decorative garlands also brighten up your parties. For indoors and outdoors, a little magic and that's enough!

In eco-delivery

A delivery, at home, in line with the values of the brand. On s’emballe à la française offers you to go to the end of the reuse process by making delivery accessible via Hipli – the package reusable 100 times

To know more

Hipli Livraison Reutilisable_edited.jpg


A travel diary accompanies each pack. By filling it in, you allow the next user to know its history, where it has been and how many times it has already been used.

It also encourages re-use, as it holds usage information and any remaining stickers.

If your travel diary is full, contact us to receive a new one here.

Our Made in France partners

Reusable packaging often contains nice gifts. On s'emballe à la française has selected eco-committed brands for you, 
You can also find our products on their website.

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