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5 good reasons
to wrap "à la française"

On s'emballe à la française reveals the strengths of its fabric gift packaging

Greener than traditional gift wrap, easier to handle than Japanese fabric Furoshiki, we give you here the strengths and our vision of ecological gift wrapping.

icone Made in France

1 sustainable alternative

Made of Oeko-Tex coated cotton infinitely reusable

Easy to use: adjustable, wrinkle-resistant, tear-proof.

No scissors, no waste, no mess!

Icone durable

2 models

3 sizes

Square wrapping sheets

to be folded like paper.  


to easily close.

Sizes to fit all your gifts.


4 unique

For original packages  that we want to offer and offer again.

For joyful, elegant and colorful parties.

For gifts all year round!

Icone original

5 strong

Made in France: designed, woven, printed and sewn in France

Durable : coated cotton

Audacious: to offer more than a gift

Original: an innovative concept

Zero waste

Icone modulable

5/Multiple sizes to fit all your packs

2 models, 3 sizes. It's that simple. A square packing sheet to fold like paper to cover a box with regular shapes.

A gift bag to close easily, like a paper bag (but in a zero waste version) for all other objects with less classic shapes. Each packaging product is available in three sizes: small, medium and large like the 3 Goldilocks Bears!

A complete set

Each "On s'emballe à la française" product is sent with a sheet of reusable stickers AND a delivery card. This kit makes it easy to reuse your gift wrap AND pass it on (if you offer it) without long speeches  !


Four exclusive patterns

Another invitation to travel! Our prints, with the sweet names of French cities, are created to suit everyone, young and old alike. They are joyful, colorful and elegant so at Christmas and birthdays the effect is guaranteed!

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