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4 grands nœuds cadeaux réutilisables

Gift Knot / LARGE

Size 5x12cm

Knot for gift pouch and/or gift sheet

Supplied with a reusable clip

To match or mismatch

  • Description of the sustainable gift bow

    This wrapping bow is made of coated cotton canvas with the Oeko Tex label. It is designed and manufactured in our workshops, in France. It's kind of the bow tie of gift wrapping.

    Easy and practical to use, it attaches to your packaging with a gold metal clip like a paperclip on a sheet of paper. Added to your packaging, it shows the care you take for your gift and your loved ones.

  • The colors of the plus size gift bow

    Our large bow is available in the four colors of the range. We have chosen colorful fabrics, with the sweet names of French cities to sew the few loops of these elegant gift bows. These timeless colors can be used for all festive occasions. At Christmas, of course, but also throughout the year : for a birthday party, a wedding, a birth, etc. Take care of the packaging of your gift with this decorative accessory to create a unique package that will make an impression.


    Delivery by letter followed or by Ecopli

Print / colors


“A good opportunity to raise awareness about zero waste. »


“I'm proud to wrap my gifts nicely without generating waste! »


“In 3 words: Practical, Ecological, Magnificent! »
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