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Papier cadeau reutilisable grand format Belle Arras

Gift Sheet / LARGE

Size: 70x70cm


Gift Sheet to wrap like with paper!


Ideal size for packing: artbooks, large game box, puzzle, shoebox up to size 45…


Gift sheet size L supplied with:

> a sheet of reusable stickers

> a passport with care & user instructions

  • Wrap your coated fabric gifts

    Reusable gift packaging allows you not to change (too much) your habits of giving and pleasing. You act like with classic wrapping paper, with the difference that you no longer put anything in the trash. No need to master the techniques of Furoshiki or the art of tying a pretty ribbon to make eco-friendly gifts. The coated cotton makes it possible to make bends and to be fixed with pretty stickers included in the kit. Your packages will look great in these pretty patterned fabrics. 

  • Description of the reusable wrapping paper

    Each sheet is actually a nice piece of cotton fabric coated with the Oeko Tex label. Our product is entirely made in France : from design to weaving of the canvas. It is a square format that can be folded, refolded, unfolded and reused as many times as you wish. It even goes in the washing machine if needed. Choose yours from our collection of 4 motifs to prepare colorful gifts.

  • How to use eco-friendly gift wrapping

    Only one instruction : don't throw it away! You can decide to offer it with your gift : in this case, remember to send the travel diary as well as the remaining stickers to allow the new owners to appropriate it and pack it eco-friendly in their turn. Or, you want to keep it and you get your square of fabric, once the gift is opened. Use your new zero-waste packaging for every festive occasion : at Christmas, for a birthday party, during a wedding celebration, or even when announcing a birth. So many great moments to celebrate with a nice gift wrapped in a more eco-responsible way.

    Delivery by letter followed or by Ecopli


-15% à partir de 4 emballages cadeaux

Print / colors


“A good opportunity to raise awareness about zero waste. »


“I'm proud to wrap my gifts nicely without generating waste! »


“In 3 words: Practical, Ecological, Magnificent! »
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