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Sustainable gift knot

How to make a gift knot?

This is the question that everyone asked themselves one day when wrap his presents. So, we can start with a piece of satin ribbon and spend some time making loops for a result that is not always successful. Or, we can decide to choose a turnkey solution and invest in a reusable gift bow already sewn. At On s'emballe à la française, we save you time by creating for you pretty gift bows coated fabric ready to use. Each knot comes with a gold metal tie to attach anywhere on your packages, a bit like a paperclip for paper. Sewn like a bow tie, it is made of beautiful fabric loops in coordinated colors. Our gift bow is the sustainable version of the decorative accessory for your packaging. As it is made of coated cotton fabric, it can decorate many packages.

For which occasion to use a gift bow?

For the decoration of your packages, the gift bow remains the must-have accessory. Whatever the occasion for which you are giving a gift, adding a small bow on the packaging makes it even more beautiful. You can decorate kraft bags to add a touch of color or attach it to reusable fabric packaging from the On s'emballe à la française range. In any case, your gift bow does not go in the trash. It is designed to be reused thanks to a non-sticky fastening system. Then the little gift bow will adorn your packages for a long time:  

  • to add a bit of glamor and seduce your lover,

  • to celebrate Valentine's Day

  • to, then, celebrate your wedding, 

  • at your child's birthday party, 

  • and, of course, under the Christmas tree.

What are the different uses of a gift knot?

Our fabric gift bow is a decorative accessory that can have multiple uses.

To embellish a gift package

You want to offer a gift in an original, unique and eye-catching packaging. Then this pretty bow will successfully adorn your package. As it is available in several colors, you can decide to match it with the coated cotton sheet of the packaging for a very chic coordinated set. But, if you like to break the codes, it is quite possible to combine a gift bow and reusable packaging in totally mismatched colors. Tone on tone or mismatched, it's up to you!

To replace the gift wrap on a large gift

Sometimes the gift is enough on its own. Some are difficult to pack. This can be the case of a guitar, a child's bicycle. These objects with not very geometric shapes can give a hard time when packing. Then give up covering it entirely with paper and keep the festive and decorative spirit of the gift by attaching only the small bow on the top. With the help of a pretty satin ribbon, simply hang your gift bow directly on the object to be offered.

To decorate the Christmas tree 

For an original and innovative Christmas decoration, replace the traditional and fragile Christmas tree balls with gift bows from our range. With four colors available and two sizes to choose from, your tree will be unique and unbreakable! It's the ideal decoration if you really want to put a tree in your living room for the holidays, but you share your accommodation with young rambunctious children or very playful pets.

To adorn the Christmas wreath

Do you like to decorate your house for Christmas down to the smallest detail? At home, the traditional wreath adorns the front door throughout the month of December? Add a fabric bow to it to give it a touch of novelty. As the gift bow is sewn in coated canvas, it is much more resistant to humidity and winter weather than a traditional paper bow. 


So ? What are you waiting for? Add the decoration that will make your gift package unique and truly original. Order now on our online store and benefit from the delivery of your gift bows directly to your home, thanks to the sending by Letter followed or by Ecopli.

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