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For your deliveries,
we also offer reusable!

To go to the end of the process of reuse, we offer Hipli delivery: a reusable package solution designed to be reused 100 times.

The HIPLI mission: to give everyone the power and the desire to fight against waste in a simple and effective way by drastically reducing waste related to packages.

When you order online on our site, you have the option of choosing your delivery in a reusable Hipli package.


The HIPLI reusable package, how does it work?

Once received, avoid a waste and choose to reuse or return. It's that simple !

  1. Choose delivery in Hipli at the time of your order

  2. Receive your order in a reusable Hipli package.

  3. Scan the QR Code on your package to access the application

  4. Choose to reuse it for your personal mailings or send it back for free to a yellow mailbox near you.

And that's it!

Your article does not suit you? You can also use your Hipli to return it to us 😉

The impact in brief

A Hipli package has a lower environmental impact than a box from its second use. And using it 100 times means 25 kg of waste avoided and 83% less carbon footprint than cardboard.

Small and light, the return of a package is equivalent to only 20g of CO2, 11 times less than the production of a new box.

Join the experience

Choosing delivery in a reusable Hipli package means:

  • Make a simple gesture for the planet 🌎

  • A unique experience to share with loved ones

  • Have the choice to return your package or reuse it for your own shipments.

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