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Paquets emballés avec des emballages cadeaux réutilisables

We get carried away in the French way 
The alternative to disposable wrapping paper

Did you know that every year, just during the Christmas holidays, in France, no less than 20,000 tonnes of gift wrapWhat do we throw in the trash? Faced with this gigantic mess and faced with the ecological issue, we had to react. 


  • ​ To stop throwing all those pretty gift wrap and thus meet the requirements eco-responsible of today.

  • ​To propose a sustainable alternative to wrapping paper which does not oppose ecology and the pleasure of giving, 

  • To find a new way to wrap the presents which does not upset our habits at all.

This is how was bornWe get carried away in the French waywith a single objective: to create reusable gift wrap, durable and also, chic and elegant. 

Because producing wrapping paper only to end up tearing it up and throwing it away the first time you use it is ecological nonsense. Sustainable products make better use of our natural resources: less packaging and less waste to process. You are a little more eco-responsible, almost zero waste and ready to transmit your values.

By offering your gifts wrapped with our alternative to gift wrap, you are conveying your message of the preservation of our resources, the fight against waste and the abandonment of single-use products. Offering in zero waste gift packaging is a sweet way to communicate and share your values with those around you. It is also a way of allowing a loved one to also experience reuse.

paquet cadeau durable dans un arbre

The alternative to paper wrapping in coated tissue   

100% cotton fabric  Oeko-Tex label and produce in Vosges, France,
with Vosges Terre Textile label

Our gift wrappings are made of fabric

Our alternative to gift wrap is made in France

No question today of considering production at the other end of the planet, we have chosen quality partner companies that are all located in France. 

In addition to being french, our partner companies are environmentally friendly, with labelled, human-sized. They all share our values.

Our fabric is Oeko-Tex certified and comes from companies with the Vosges Terre Textile label.​​

Traditional gift wrap always ends up in our bins.

Even thought our ecological awareness, no one would dare to put their packages under the chrismas tree without being nicely wrapped.

Of course, packaging is essential because it gives meaning to the objects we offer. Thanks to it, they become beautiful gifts.

Therefore, this new  packaging made in coated fabric, reusable, zero waste, chic and innovative makes sens.

For the holidays, pack your packages in zero waste mode

Our squares and pouchs are delivered carefully folded, and come with reusable stickers that allow you to close your packaging elegantly.

No need for scissors, no more waste, just fold your sheet of fabric to adjust it to all your gifts.

Let's change fate
gift wrap.

This first collection is designed to be used all year round, for all occasions, for women as well as for men and for children too!

Our prints are exclusive, varied and colorful for the  pleasure of the eyes. They make packages that are a pleasure to give!

So this year, for your packages, ditch the paper bags and the clear plastic roll. Opt for reusable gift wrap. Discover our range of products and order in our online store. Delivery is ensured by letter followed or Ecopli directly in your mailbox.

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